About Us

About Hidden Boss

Hidden Boss Limited, a Hong Kong-based technology company, was established in 2013, focusing on Mobile App/Game Development, EdTech, Digital Marketing and Cybersecurity.

With our creativity, skills and knowledge, we managed to get into the Cyberport Incubation Programme in 2019. We strive to provide the best cost-effective solution, as well as the most innovative experience, to our clients.

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New Age in GameFi

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hidden Boss took the chance to transform,  just like other tech companies, optimize the business structure and perform a group restructure. With knowhow and experience in both game development and blockchain, we migrate our services to the new virtual world.

Let us know if you have heard of Blockchain Solution, NFT Creation, GameFi, Web 3.0, etc. and are interested in migrating your business into these new sections.

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